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Tana Mongeau Is Clearing Some Things Up!

Tana Mongeau’s name has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons.  Despite her attempts to ignore recent backlash she finally broke down all her latest drama in a YouTube video.

Tana Mongeau can no longer ignore the harsh criticism she’s been subjected to recently.  Although the anti-Tana movement made its resurgence after fans misinterpreted her dedication post to her late friend Mac Miller, it began way before that.  Social media has been accusing the 20-year-old YouTuber of embellishing her infamous storytime videos for views but things really hit the fan when her TanaCon event went awry.

Trending All Day gave you the scoop on the event and the backlash that ensued.  Although Tana made multiple attempts to make it up to those who were affected many people still blamed the social media star and accused her of fraud.  Things seemed to calm down for Tana until rapper Mac Miller passed away.

Tana posted a string of tweets honoring Mac Miller’s memory as well as a text conversation between the two.  Shortly after a hacker exposed Tana’s alleged ‘finsta’ account @fedsrwatching and some insensitive jokes that were made about Ariana Grande and the Manchester bombings.

Fans accused Tana of using his death for attention and views and thought it was insensitive to imply she was dating the rapper when another woman came forward as his girlfriend.  Her TanaCon partner, Michael Weist, even called her out which led to a nasty back and forth on Twitter.

Although she tried to address the accusations in a few tweets and move on from the madness social media wasn’t having it!  Now she’s addressing all the drama in her latest YouTube video titled ‘clearing some things up.’

“This video is for people who support me and love me that want answers,” says Tana at the start of the video.

The YouTuber gets emotional less than two minutes into the vlog as she explains that most people will inevitably continue jumping on the Tana hate train no matter what she says.  Her first order of business is addressing Mac Miller’s family and friends.

“I want to start this video with an apology.  Especially to the friends and family or anyone that supported and loved Mac Miller.  If anything I posted about Malcolm upset you in any way I am so incredibly sorry.  And I know that this video, this scenario, this situation has nothing to do with me and as soon as this video is out I will never even allude to making it about me.”

She also reveals how the backlash from TanaCon caused her to go through severe depression, cleared up the Ariana Grande-Manchester bombing rumors, speaks on the effects of being put on a pedestal by fans and viewers, and much more!

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