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Tana Mongeau Just Dropped New Single “Fuck Up” & Fans Are Going Insane!

Tana Mongeau’s new single “Fuck Up” shows us a whole new side of her and by the looks of social media it’s an instant hit!

Tana’s been teasing this single for a while but it was definitely worth the wait.  The 20-year-old bad gal is known for her wild lifestyle and larger than life personality so we’re used to seeing a lighthearted version of Tana.  She’s usually impressing us with her outrageous stories or incredible rap skills.

But on her latest single “Fuck Up” she flips the script with one of her most vulnerable songs yet.

A big motivation for the track could’ve possibly been the backlash from TanaCon and the stress of dealing with her shady partner.  As a result of Tana being the face of the event all the blame fell on her.  Tana reveals to angry fans through the song’s lyrics that they couldn’t possibly hate her more than she hates herself and sadly reveals she hasn’t been able to full enjoy life for a while.

“And I’m sorry but I can’t even live in the moment/Worry bout another Twitter moment/Make the whole world my opponent/And they wonder why I’m never focused/And they wonder why I’m always smoking/And they wonder why I’m fucking broken/ Film me, twist my words/Post it when I’m dead and I’m frozen”

Her vulnerability paid off big time because the YouTuber is getting praised all across social media for the hot new track.

Fellow musicians Trevor Moran and Elijah Daniel also commented on the song.

Elijah’s extra touching stamp of approval is a pretty big deal since he’s a pretty poppin rapper himself with a few certified bangers under his belt.

Check out the full song below and keep Tana’s single “Fuck Up” trending on Twitter with our hashtag #TrendingAllDay to let us know what you think!!


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