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Tana Mongeau Responds To Backlash From Her Sexy JoJo Siwa Costume

After Tana Mongeau posted her ‘Ho Ho Siwa’ Halloween costume, social media accused her of sexualizing a teenager.

JoJo Siwa fans were not happy after controversial YouTuber Tana Mongeau posted a photo of her in a sexy JoJo Siwa costume for Halloween.  Critics felt she was inappropriately sexualizing a 15-year-old even though JoJo publicly voiced her approval for Tana’s decision.

The costume consisted of a bra, tutu, stockings, and a headpiece.

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Fans quickly hopped on Twitter to express their dismay.

Tana put out a statement after all the backlash.  She shared that she and JoJo are great friends and she would never intentionally sexualize a minor.  She also claimed that the outfit was more of a general school girl/cheerleader costume and the name ‘Ho Ho Siwa’ was used to get a laugh.

She seemed to get support from other influencers like Shane Dawson who retweeted the costume but ended up apologizing after fans bombarded him as well.

Although Tana supported Shane’s decision and response to critics, she stuck by her original statement where she said that she and JoJo are friends and the idea was pre-approved by the young star.

Still, JoJo Siwa fans are not pleased with either of their responses.  We’re guessing there will be an apology video coming very soon.


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