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Tati's Unbiased Truth Is Honestly...Unbiased!

The KKW beauty line is here and everyone wants a piece of it.

Tati informed her YouTube viewers that she is “probably the ONLY BEAUTY YouTuber in LA that didn’t get invited to Kim Kardashian’s House to preview her makeup.”

She got her hands on it for the sake of YouTube, and she gave viewers her unbiased opinion as she tried Kim’s highlight kit. The review was totally honest, and we applaud her for that!

We were expecting a little shade to be thrown in here and there throughout the video, but Tati steered clear of any personal mentions, and only discussed the makeup.

Her verdict?

50/50. It’s not bad considering Tati is one of the most well-known beauty vloggers; highly respected and admired, Tati gave a truly professional review.

Reddit’s not loving it.



YouTube on the other hand is a little more understanding.