'T@gged' Season 2 Will Have You On the Edge of Your Seat

The first six episodes of t@gged, Season 2 are here, and they are one wild ride! If you missed the first season, it’s worth the watch.

Quick review: our heroes are being stalked by “monkeyman” online after getting tagged in a video that shows a murder of a young girl shot dead. Everything came to a head at the end of season one, and it seemed monkyman had met his demise…

But of course, that’s not the case in standard thriller fare. He’s back, and now he’s got a whole group with him to torment the girls while they struggle to navigate high school, which is hard enough as it is!

With the ghosts of the dead weighing heavily on everyone’s minds and mysteries still unsolved, this thriller with the best social media hook around will keep you rapidly clicking through the fast-paced episodes.

If there’s any show out there that might actually make you consider deleting your socials (the idea of getting t@gged in something so horrific is the stuff nightmares are made of), this is it… but I mean, let’s get real, we need those likes… speaking of likes we give season two eight out ten. You can watch it for free on Go90’s website.


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