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The Most Famous Artist Is Giving Everyone ‘The Private Jet Experience’ For Free

Matthew Christopher Monahan, better known as The Most Famous Artist, has brought an authentic looking private jet installation to the Fred Segal retail store in LA through his company ‘Selfie Circus.’

California natives and tourists are flocking to the Fred Segal retail store to get photos of themselves in a ‘private jet.’  The art installation features two luxury seats, carpeting, wood paneling, and an airplane window with a realistic glare.  The exhibit will sit at Fred Segal’s 8500 Sunset Blvd retail store until November 26th, before making it’s way to Art Basel Miami Beach.

The idea sounds similar to a Moscow based company called Private Jet Studios but there are a few differences.  Private Jet Studios allowed the use of an entire grounded jet plane and was presumably just trying to make a quick buck.  Selfie Circus’ Installation has a message and, unlike Private Jet Studio users, posters are openly sharing that their photo hasn’t been taken on an actual jet.

“With The Private Jet Experience, we are purposefully commoditizing a symbol of excess, ultimately nullifying the status boost people receive from posting photos on real private planes, thereby forcing everyone to be more creative and seek out the next great symbol of influence,” Matthew shared with Business Insider.

The posts also serve as a reminder that no matter how authentic a photo appears to be, it isn’t always what it seems.  For more information on the Private Jet installation and other projects from The Most Famous Artist & Selfie Circus head to their official pages.



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