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The Rooster Teeth Convention Was A Wild Success!

The annual Rooster Teeth gaming and internet convention (RTX) in Austin, Texas happened in July and saw the biggest turnout ever!

This year’s RTX had over 62,000 attendees who descended upon Austin July 7-9th. That’s a huge growth from their first convention back in 2011 that saw a mere 600 guests comparatively and more than double the headcount of VidCon this year, which had 30,000 guests in attendance.

This year, RTX hosted an animation segment for the con, where they previewed Netflix’s Castlevania including a Q&A with Director Sam Deats and executive producers, as well as toons from Frederator, How It Should Have Ended, Powerhouse Animation, and more. Other notable appearances included Smosh Games, cosplayers, contests, dozens of panels on gaming and animation.

RTX isn’t just limited to Austin now. They’ve expanded in recent years to include a convention in Sydney, Australia, and the first London convention set for October!

Fans captured plenty of behind the scenes action for those unable to attend (or wanting to see what the fuss is all about):