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‘The Vibes’ Interview With Musician Kiian

TAD’s very own Hayley Delaine sat down with friend to the fam and musician Kiian to discuss his new video for his single ‘Beverly Hell.’

Slaying thee look from head to toe, Kiian  talks about the inspiration behind his new single and the premiere of his music video exclusively on Trending All Day. “Beverly Hell is just very conceptual and it was inspired by at first my mental state and what I was going through with honestly anxiety and depression and different things,” says the Beverly Hills native. Hollywood can be an illusion, Kiian explains and the song with its awesome title is in a way a reflection of that.

The music video premiering exclusively on Trending All Day was “inspired by real-life situations, it was a love triangle with a straight guy,” explains Kiian without giving too much away. The treatment was created by Kiian himself and he hopes others in this situation can relate to not only the song but to the music video as well. “Without music life would be meaningless, literally” the musician admits. With music inspirations Amy Winehouse, Lana Del Rey and Lady Gaga to name a few; you know his music comes from the soul! Kiian’s writing process consists of his own life experiences and not overthinking the process, which takes place at a Hollywood monastery. We encourage you to watch the interview for more on that!

Check out ‘Beverly Hell’ below for for the official music video!!

ps. Keep a lookout for Kiian’s very first EP on its way soon!


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