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The Vibes With Andie Case!

We’re back with a brand new episode of The Vibes featuring singer-songwriter Andie Case!

This week on The Vibes we got to sit down and chat with the talented Andie Case about the release of her new song ‘Bubblegum and Cigarettes.’  Although the 26-year-old musician is on top of the world she’s still just a girl like the rest of us who has fallen for her fair share of f—boys!  Andie shares that this was the exact inspiration for her latest track.

“This song is about having a crush on a bad boy.  Someone you know who is not going to be good for you.  But you’re explaining the good side and the bad sides they have, that’s the bubblegum and cigarettes.”

‘Bubblegum and Cigarettes’ is super relatable because we’ve all been there.  Andie also dishes on whether or not the song is about someone specific, which artists inspire her, and spoke about her fan’s warm reception to her coming out as Bisexual.  Press play on The Vibes episode above because you don’t want to miss her juicy answers.

Catch the official video and song for Andie Case’s ‘Bubblegum and Cigarettes’ below!

Andie also graced us with an acoustic version of her new record right in front of our eyes and it was fire!!.

check it out:


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