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The Vibes With Brandon Rogers!

We’re back with a brand new episode of The Vibes featuring YouTuber and comedian Brandon Rogers!

Brandon Rogers stopped by the Trending All Day set to in the midst of his nationwide comedy tour ‘Brandon Rogers Live.’  The 30-year-old said he never knew how truly diverse this country was until his tour began.

“Holy crap this country is so diverse.  There are so many different types of sweethearts and racists.  And all sorts of people that you didn’t realize lived here in this bubble of Los Angeles.”

But those bad apples haven’t spoiled his tour.  He shared that he loves meeting his fans so much that he’s been kicked out of a venue for staying too long to greet his supporters.  He also speaks about how Pearl Jam inspired him to be a ‘rockstar’ comedian, his favorite city that he’s toured in, who he’d most love to collab with, and his travel must-haves.

“I take a lot of bath salts with me.  Not the drugs.  Like the [epsom salt] you pour in the tub.”

Press play to hear all of this and much more from the outrageous and extremely talented comedian!

For tickets to his tour head to the official website here!


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