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The Vibes With CareyBoy!

We’ve got a brand new episode of The Vibes for you this week with none other than CareyBoy, or as many refer to him, Mr. Facial Expressions, and honestly we’re so excited for you to see it.

We thought, who better to ask about internet slang than an Influencer, and as it turns out, even they don’t always know what they mean.

“Do you know what [bae] actually stands for? Before anyone else.”
“Before anyone else? Damn. I’ve been calling the wrong people bae then.”

That’s not all we talked about though, we also got the inside scoop on who exactly Carey would want to have a drink with, dead or alive, and it makes sense that it would be with the same person he considers his idol. Wanna know who that is? Well we’d love to tell you, but you’ll just have to check out the episode for yourself to find out.

Carey also talks about how creating fun and positive content helps to destress himself immensely, and how it’s kind of a win-win feeling for him because that same content ultimately goes out and is shared to those who also find it uplifting.

Check out our full Vibes with CareyBoy to find out how exactly he got that Mr. Facial Expressions nickname, because we sure as shit aren’t giving it away that easy for you.