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The Vibes With Eman!

Welcome back to a brand new episode of The Vibes! Did you miss us?! We got a good one for you guys!

Today’s Vibes is gonna be especially eyes opening for all you beauty gurus out there because we sat down to get the exclusive on makeup and everything that surrounds it with none other than Eman! Now, if you don’t already know who Eman is, then we’re sorry you’ve been missing out for so long, but don’t worry cause that’s about to change.

The YouTuber, who is originally from Cairo, Egypt, talked with us all about the beauty and makeup trends she hopes to see less of, as well as the one she’s all for making a comeback. If we’re being honest, we’re gonna have to say that we totally agree with what trend she wants to see more of, which is letting your natural skin shine through more.

Check out our full episode of The Vibes with Eman right now!


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