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The Vibes With Justin Roberts!

The Vibes With Justin Roberts!

‘Six Figures’ rapper and influencer Justin Roberts stopped by the Trending All Day set to chat about Team 10, his career, his friendship with Amanda Cerny, and of course his hit song “Six Figures”!  Shane Dawson fans will be happy to know that Justin very much appreciated the love he received on the ‘Mind of Jake Paul’ series.  Hayley Delaine asked what was his reaction to meeting Shane for the first time after hearing he was his biggest fan.

“Oh my god, it’s Shane Dawson, he’s actually a fan!  He knew everything about me.  This is crazy.”

He’s also working on some new music as well as a brand new show called “Work In Progress.”

“I post it [on YouTube] every single Saturday.  It’s pretty much the life of a YouTuber so it’s my life.  I have really cool cameos in it like Amanda Cerny, Jake Paul, and Team 10.” He continues, “I’m taking the influencer community and bringing them onto my show and having them play a real overexaggerated version of themselves.

An overexaggerated version of the already hype Team 10 crew and Amanda Cerny sounds sick, so you definitely want to tune in.  Press play above to hear all this and much more!

Check out “Work In Progress” as well as original music from Justin Roberts on his official YouTube channel here!


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