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The Vibes With Rickey Thompson & Jenn Mcallister!

We’re back with an extra special 2-for-1 episode of The Vibes featuring Rickey Thompson & Jenn Mcallister who star in the hit AwesomenessTV show ‘Foursome’ on YouTube Premium!

Rickey Thompson and Jenn Mcallister stopped by the Trending All Day set to chat with Hayley Delaine about season four of ‘Foursome.’  There’s never a dull moment on the sitcom which is exactly why its’s YouTube Premium’s longest running show.  Much like previous seasons, the show follows four friends who are juggling school and a social life at once.  The foursome gets into their usual hijinks this season and Rickey and Jenn are revealing all of the details on this episode of The Vibes.

They talk about growing up on the set of the ‘Foursome’, how they relate to their character, how they balance their multifaceted careers, and whether or not there will be a fifth season so press play to find out all that and more!

Catch the latest episode of AwesomenessTV’s ‘Foursome‘ streaming now on YouTube Premium!


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