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The Vibes With Tamra Dae!

The Vibes With Tamra Dae!

Influencer and self love advocate Tamra Dae stopped by the Trending All Day set to speak with Hayley Delaine about her new product for self tanning  ‘Prive Self-Tan Mousse’, and women empowerment through entrepreneurship on this episode of The Vibes!  Tamra shared how spray tanning helped her build a career and pay for school after losing an athletic scholarship.

“I have to tell the story of it because it led me to social media.  I don’t think I would have the platform I have if I didn’t do spray tanning.  It also allotted me to follow every dream that I had.”

Through her career, she’s met many amazing women who have shaped the person she is today and inspired her to go after her dreams.

“I was able to spray my good friend and client for the Academy Awards and she won an Oscar.  Seeing that come to fruition having sprayed her for over 7 years.” She continued, “She wasn’t able to get her first acting role until 39 and then her first Oscar at 58.  Seeing women like that and having them be influential in my life was how I knew that I wanted to pursue everything that I wanted to do.”

She’s also grateful for the opportunity to positively impact the self-esteem of her clients with a quality beauty product.  ‘Prive Self-Tan Mousse’ is a healthy alternative to tanning and provides many other great benefits.  Press play above to hear Tamra’s full story and see a demonstration of the product!


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