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The Vibes With Timothy Granaderos!

Timothy Granaderos from the hit series T@gged stopped by for an all-new episode of The Vibes!

Hayley Delaine got a chance to speak with ’13 Reasons Why’ and ‘T@gged‘ actor Timothy Granaderos about all about the brand new season three of ‘T@gged,’ if he’s anything like his drug-dealing on screen character,  dish on what he thinks about his cast-mates, and more.

Although they all follow the same premise, each season is uniquely horrifying.

“T@gged is a psychological thriller that follows this group of girls that are harassed by this entity.”

The series deals with privacy in the detail age and Timothy shares how this affects how much he shares as a celebrity.

“There’s a fine line between showing your personality and being private at the same time because the scary thing about social media and being online is that once you put something out there, you can’t take it back.”

He also revealed that this upcoming season features another villain with a name that will give viewers goosebumps.

“In the third season, you’re introduced to a very scary ominous online entity called Mr. Empty.”

Press play above to hear all this and more!


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