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There’s A Real Life Dr. Dolittle On YouTube And She’s Must-See

Okay so she’s not talking to animals like Dr. Dolittle BUT!

This YouTuber is definitely making us all gush over simple videos that show how to properly take care of your animals…even if they’re not the average pet. CatAleah has always loved animals, and now she’s sharing that love with everyone on YouTube.

She owns more than 50 pets and has even created her own animal room. 

For this YouTuber, showing everyone how to actually care for your animals is a matter of priority, especially if they so happen to be exotic animals. Although not every animal may immediately appear to us as “cute” or “pet-friendly,” we have to appreciate her loving nature for all animals.

Her videos range from the adorable to the weird, all in the name of loving animals. We’ve gotta give props; most of us would have no idea how to actually maintain a full room of 50 animals. That’s basically like a zoo right?

So she’s not exactly Dr. Dolittle in that she talks to her animals and they talk back, BUT the fact that she takes care of these creatures is a testament that everybody and every living creature needs a little love.

Catleah currently has over 13,000 subscribers and her followers are growing!


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