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These Top 4 Web Series Are A Must-Watch!

These Top 4 Web Series Are A Must-Watch!

Thanks to technology, quality must-watch content is so much more accessible.  Not only can independent talent share their work easily but bigger networks and streaming companies are utilizing digital platforms to bring us a variety of new shows and movies.  These shows can be watched anytime, anyplace and anywhere. 

They can explore topics that mainstream television tends to stray away from and test shows that networks believe would only gain interest from a niche audience.

It also does wonders for amateur talent.  Some big name actors and writers who started out doing web series have gotten the attention of Hollywood.  Like the star of The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo’, Brian Jordan Alvarez, who is now represented by Creative Artists Agency.  

Other more experienced actors use it as a chance to brush up their acting chops or gain experience writing and producing their own show.  It’s a win-win for us and them because there is never a lack of things to watch.  Check out our list of the Top 5 Must-Watch Web Series!

1. Couples Night – is the brainchild of Wesley “Wuz Good” Armstrong. The series keeps each season fresh by having a completely different theme than the last.  At six seasons in that’s incredibly hard too unless your Wuz Good because he hasn’t disappointed yet!  One thing that remains the same no matter which season you’re binging is that the show focuses on the dynamic of couples, relationships, and dating.  Check out Trending All Day’s BTS look at their latest season below unless you haven’t dug into the series yet, then you can start here!

2. The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo – is a hilarious comedy that’s been called the next best thing to the classic sitcom ‘Will & Grace.’  That’s some big shoes to fill but Brian Jordan Alvarez proved he’s up for the challenge!  Although this glorious series had only one season there’s so much more amazing content on his YouTube channel that more than makes up for it.  But if you haven’t heard of the series until then Christmas came early for you.  Do yourself a favor and binge watch the series now!

3. Starter Pack – is an AT&T Hello Lab and Facebook creation starring the talented Jasmine Luv.  It’s one of those series that accurately portrays the challenges Millenials face in today’s society but with a lighthearted, comical tone.  In a time where college degrees are absolutely necessary but traditional careers are out the window,  what’s a newly graduated 20-something-year old to do?  Check out ‘Starter Pack’ on Facebook to find out!

S1:E1 Get a Job | Starter Pack

Art History grad Ayana Martin desperately accepts a job curating the thing she hates the most.

Posted by Starter Pack on Monday, August 20, 2018


4. Subway: The Series – captures the absurdity of the New York transit system perfectly.  You never know who you’ll see or what you’ll have to deal with!  What’s even more impressive is that Subway: The Series was filmed with no money and no permits.  They’ve been to compared to some pretty well-known series like the ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ and ‘Broad City’ but this show is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.  Plus their message is amazing!  Although it might seem like they’re poking fun at New Yorkers, the series aims to show the beauty and unique talent the amazing city has to offer!

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