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This YouTuber Is Headed To Trial Following Bomb Prank!

The German YouTuber known as ApoRed is set to face trial following a dumbass prank last July.

Apo (real name:Ahmad Ahad) has over 2 million subscribers and has a huge following in his home country of Germany, but he now finds himself held in custody.

The video in question was released on his YouTube channel July 14th 2016, the same day as the Nice terror attacks. Yikes. It has since been deleted but users have reuploaded it on other channels. He filmed himself carrying a bag around Hamburg, and placing it next to strangers, threatening them they had seconds to live. Obviously that is not cool at all, and police charged ApoRed and another accomplice to the prank with assault.

Incredibly, ApoRed straight up ignored his summons, an act that led to the issuing of his arrest warrant. Apo landed himself in jail until the court date, which is set to October 18th.


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