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Three Influencers Turned Celebrity Impersonators

These three influencers can pass for a few certain celebrities so well that they’ve gone viral for actually doing it!

Would you try to capitalize off of your looks if you happened to look like an A-list celeb?  The answer is a definite yes for these three influencers.  They’ve all gone viral and some have even received hate, but that hasn’t stopped any of them.  Check out three influencers who will cause you to do a double take below!

1. ChristianAdamG

Celebrity Lookalike: Travis Scott

Viral Moment: Christian staged a fake Travis Scott cheating photo so well that he had major news outlets convinced it was real.  The backlash was so intense from the fake photos that the real Travis put out a statement denying that the photos were of him.  Eventually, the YouTuber revealed the truth and received a whole lot of hate from the whole Kardashian-Jenner family.

2. JessChic

Celebrity Lookalike: Ariana Grande

Viral Moment: JessChic posted a vlog titled “Disneyworld thought I was Ariana Grande” but what she failed to mention is that she sculpted her face, styled her hair and clothes to look exactly like the pop singer.  The original vlog went viral after fellow YouTuber Snnniperwolf slammed Jess on her own channel.

Jess has been receiving hate from Ariana Grande fans long before the Snnniperwolf mention.  This is mostly due to the fact that Jess says she’s not a fan of Ariana Grande’s nor does she get any inspiration from her look despite the similarities.

Recently, JessChic and another vlogger who has been accused of copying Grande, Gabi DeMartino, did a collab video where they answered hate questions from fans which you can watch here.

3. Brad Sousa

Celebrity Lookalike: Justin Bieber

Viral Moment: Although Yes Theory helped Brad Sousa go viral for pretending to be Justin Bieber while eating a burrito sideways like a maniac, there was no harm done.  Justin didn’t seem to mind the harmless prank at all and Brad’s gotten a lot of positive attention and followers because of it.

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