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It’s Time To Choose KSI’s Next Boxing Opponent!

Now that he’s won his first match against Joe Weller, it seems KSI is ready for round two and he needs our help!

Okay, not any help with the actual smashing of fists, but help in choosing whom to invite into the ring with him. KSI posted a video announcing he’d be heading back to the ring and he named six possible opponents: Adam Saleh, Vitaly, Furious Pete, Fousey, Alex Wassabi, and JustDustin.

He has a little spiel for each possible opponent, all of which are quite entertaining. Say what you will about KSI, he could lead a master class in talking smack. In just under a day, the video has been viewed over 5.7 million times.

Lots of YouTubers have challenged him, and these are the six he’s narrowed it down to. No word on how he whittled it down to these six, but we’re a little disappointed to not see either of the Paul brothers (or father) in there! The battle will be for the YouTube Boxing Championship belt, and we don’t have a date yet for this match. If you care to cast a vote, you can do so here.

Naturally, we’ll keep you updated as the story unfolds. Until then, we’re going to work on our insult spitting game because we clearly have a lot to learn!


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