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Timothy DeLaGhetto’s Amazing Wedding Was A Star-Studded Event

The comedian tied the knot with his girlfriend Chia Habte in a star-studded event last night!

We have all the juicy details and pictures of Timothy’s and Chia’s beautiful wedding.  The two were wed on Sunday, August 19th at the Bel Air Bay Club and it was everything you’d expect and more!

We know weddings are a very serious and sometimes emotional occasion but the pair couldn’t help themselves.  Timothy stayed true to his comedic nature with the engagement and wedding photos they posted inside the banquet hall.

Fans were treated at an inside look about the journey leading up to the big day on YouTube.

The couple looked amazing and were joined by some of Instagram’s most elite and well-known faces.

Model Don Benjamin and Girlfriend Liane were in attendance and posted a separate super cute photo of themselves underneath the arch of flowers where the bride and groom were wed!

Hmm, maybe there’s another wedding on the way!

Congratulations to my beautiful Chanclas!!! Love you guys!!!

A post shared by Andrew Garcia (@andrewagarcia) on

Singer Andrew Garcia showed love to the newlyweds in this awesome photo.

Last night. Was a good ass night! #timnchiathaitheknot

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Ricky Shucks and Tway confirmed it was one of the most lit weddings they ever attended with their caption.

Congratulations @timothydelaghetto & @chia_habte ❤️💍

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The elite social media comedian squad was in attendance as well.  Wahlid Mohammad, Trey Richards, Jae Richards and Jasmeet Raina all looked very dapper!

it’s my big day #timnchiathaitheknot

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Eric Ochoa showed off his amazing suit with his pre-wedding OOTD pic.

Wedding tings. #TimNChiaThaiTheKnot

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Singer Ginette Claudette made sure the guys did not upstage the girls in her stunning lil brown dress!

Bart Kwan and Geo Antoinette Kwan showed up to support the couple as well!

If you thought you couldn’t love the couple any more than you do than you’re in for a treat!  In true LA fashion, the wedding was catered by In N’ Out and guests were hype!

Check out some more photos of the amazing wedding in the gallery below!

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