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Tinder Employees Look To Launch New ‘Ripple’ App

Love is dead and it’s all about making connections in the professional sense now.

Former Tinder employees have realized this and have decided to jump ship from trying to create a space for people to swipe right for relationships, and instead break into the social networking market for jobs and careers.

Currently, LinkedIn is the only main contender within that platform, but the new Ripple app, which is the brain child of these employees, is looking to shake things up.

Essentially, the app is gonna be set up to work like any other networking site, but with the focus being on creating more job opportunities for users, and putting the power in their hands instead of in recruiters.

In a blog posted to the Ripple app site, CEO Ryan Ogle wrote:

“It kills us to see so many opportunities being missed that could have brought greater happiness, fulfillment, and efficiency to such a foundational part of our lives.”

On a sketchy note, Ripple has a feature called Face Connect that literally let’s you scan a picture of someone’s face so that you can be immediately connected to their Ripple profile.

Tinder isn’t the first dating app to branch off into the business side of things though– Bumble already has them beat with their own business networking app called Bumble Bizz.

Is this the future? Have we given up on relationships and are looking to be badass business people instead? Probably.


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