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TomSka Responds To Alfie Deyes’ Claims That It’s Embarrassing To Be A YouTuber

TomSka Responds To Alfie Deyes’ Claims That It’s Embarrassing To Be A YouTuber.

Alfie Deyes’ offended a few folks after he tweeted out that he feels it’s embarrassing to be a YouTuber.  Although Aflie’s comment was in response to fellow vlogger Jaw Swingler who shared that for 2019, he would only be making content that makes him happy.  Alfie agreed and offered up a positive prediction that this year was going to be a big year for creators on YouTube.

TomSka interpreted the message differently and spoke with Metro to share his thoughts.

“I’m not embarrassed to call myself a YouTuber; sure, there are plenty of creators I’m embarrassed to be associated with and anticipating the ever-changing economic landscape of YouTube is nigh-on impossible but I still love what I do,” TomSka shared with the publication.

He continued, “The idea of YouTubers exclusively focussing on what they want to make sounds like a dream come true.  The site is rife with insincerity as a result of creators “chasing the algorithm” so to see people shift back to making what they love would be brilliant.”

Many YouTuber’ have shared Aflie’s and TomSka’s sentiments but both agree that they still have hope for the future of the platform.  Hit us up on social media @trendallday to let us know your thoughts.


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