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The Top 5 Most WTF Moments Team 10 Brought Us In 2017

It’s impossible to look back on 2017 and not think of Team 10 and all the dumb shit they did.

Considering what a gigantic impact they had on the Influencer community this past year, we figured, why not take a trip down memory lane and relive some of the most WTF moments that came from the crew.

Join us on this magical journey though time with some of the most controversial faces of YouTube.

1. Team 10 vs. The Neighbors

Who can forget the biggest story that went down with Team 10 this year, which was the fact that they pretty much went to war with their neighbors. Their insane antics including lighting a mattress on fire as well as causing a general mass amount of chaos ultimately led to them being unable to film in their house and eventually having to move.

2. Tessa Brooks Gets Hacked By Snails

Don’t know why this one sticks out so much for us, maybe because it was the most wholesome hack we’ve ever seen? A lot of members had their accounts fucked with this year, but Tessa getting hacked by snails is still one of our favorite headlines.

3. All The Diss Tracks

Where do we even start with the one? There was Jake vs. Logan, then Chance and Anthony vs. Ricegum and most recently, The Martinez Twins vs. Jake. We totally thought that this trend would die out hard, but unfortunately, it seems like that’s not the case.

4. Disney Fires Jake Paul

Sweet sweet irony got the last laugh here after Jake put a line about his Disney contract in one of his diss tracks and then Disney straight up fired him for being a terrible role model. Although this wasn’t the reasoning they gave, it was pretty clear that’s was what led to it.

5. Everyone Wants Out Of Team 10

Finally, we would be remiss to not mention the fact that pretty much everyone has abandoned ship and noped out of Team 10 as a whole. The Martinez Twins, Max Beaumont, and Alex Lange are just a handful of those who have moved on, and truthfully, we wish them the best


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