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Our Top 6 Picks For iDubbbz Content Cops!

Recently, we’ve heard all about the epic Content Cop episode that iDubbbz filmed. Using Jake Paul as clickbait, unsuspecting viewers were taken on a slow ride down the RiceGum rabbit hole, and most of us didn’t like what we saw. In fact, RiceGum has been losing subscribers ever since the video debuted on YouTube.

So who is iDubbbz? Well, he’s basically a troll. But a troll we love to watch; he exposes everything about YouTubers we refuse to see or aren’t aware of at all. We’d love to praise all the wonder of talent on YouTube, but what would be the fun in that? The truth is that controversy runs social media. So we decided to show iDubbbz some love by counting down our favorite six Content Cop episodes!

We’re gonna warn you now: iDubbbz is not afraid to say exactly what’s on his mind, so be advised you might not like his language. And he may just have targeted one of your fav YouTubers, try not to take too much offense and see things objectively. Or hate him, he loves that shit too.




4. Of course, we had to include RiceGum’s episode because…it’s so good.




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