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We’ve Got The Top 7 Threadbanger DIYs

Threadbanger is a the killer DIY team featuring hosts and real life couple Corinne Leigh and Rob Czar. On their channel, they’ve been making killer series such as Man VS Pin and Corinne VS Cooking. We’ve rounded up our picks for the Top 7 DIYS from this YouTube power couple.

1. DIY Edible Water Bottles, Man Vs. Science

2. 100 Gallons of Nail Polish Ft. SimplyNailogical - Man Vs Pin

3. DIY Ice Cream Rolls, Corinne VS Cooking

4. DIY Super Sugar Bowl, Man VS Pin

5. DIY Water Blob, Man Vs. Pin

6. Raindrop Cake, ReVS:ROB

7. DIY Galaxy Slime, Man Vs. Pin

Let us know if we missed your favorite video from Rob and Corinne! Stay tuned for the next YouTube Best Of!


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