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Topher Brophy Is The Instagram Account For Everybody…Especially If You’re A Dog Lover!

There are numerous Instagram accounts to follow that showcase fitness, fashion, food, etc, and it’s basically never-ending. We don’t mind, we follow half of the accounts anyway because who doesn’t like to see endless quality content on their Instagram feed?

HOWEVER, we’ve recently come across an account that makes us smile so hard we just had to share it. If you’re ready for ultimate cuteness then you need to follow Topher Brophy.

Who is Topher Brophy you ask? Only the smartest man on Instagram. Fully understanding that dog lovers are basically every human on the planet, most, if not all his photos on Instagram look like this.

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Based in Brooklyn, Brophy is a self-proclaimed “Dog Dad” and an overall positive advocate with over 180k followers. But none of this is possible without Rosenberg, the most photogenic dog on Instagram. You can find Topher and Rosenberg dressed in a slew of costumes, and every now and then the simple shirt with a simple message.

And Rosenberg? Yeah, he’s got his own Instagram profile too. And it’s got 95,000 followers.

In fact, this dog saved Brophy from the self-absorbed, exercise-addict that used to be Brophy. We’re in love with the IG page and we think you’ll enjoy it too.

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We’re pretty confident this is gonna set your Monday in the right direction…you know, because dogs!