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Travis Flores Will Die Without 3rd Lung Transplant, Influencers Plead For His Life!

Travis Flores hopes to turn 28 years old in April.

However, he is facing chronic organ-rejection of his second double-lung transplant. Time is dwindling down for the writer, activist & influencer, but he continues his work with organizations such as Make-A-Wish, helping to raise half a million just last week in Columbus, Ohio. He is also working on a new PSA with OneLegacy / DonateLife Hollywood to bring awareness to organ donor registration.

After being turned down for a third transplant by Duke University, voices within the entertainment industry & charitable sector have stepped forward to express their support of his life and work. Flores is currently waiting for evaluation by UCLA, and hopes to be evaluated by the Cleveland Clinic, as well as UPMC. He has previously acknowledged the rare case of a third transplant but has continued to seek the life-saving procedure.

If you want to hear more about Travis’ story or find ways to help, click here for more.

Check out what influencers are saying below in order to save Travis’ life. 

Tiffany AlvordMusician / YouTuber

I think it’s important for Travis’s story to be shared because he’s an inspiration to SO everyone. Every conversation and person he meets, he impacts with his kind spirit and his moving story.

Though living has been a constant struggle he consistently shows that he is stronger and more powerful than the limitations of his body. He shows others that with support, positivity will power, & by the Grace of God you can overcome literally the craziest obstacles. He’s the ultimate example of never giving up & he’s a fighter; but not just fighting to fight, but fighting for a purpose, to share a story, to connect – fighting for the chance to breathe another day & make a difference in the world. He’s a gem, he’s rare, & he’s someone who needs help so he can give this life another chance because he’s not done with his story. This is another chapter, but he needs our help to continue that.

If his fighting & his story isn’t the definition of courage & determination & hope, I don’t know what is! No good soul deserves to have their life cut short when all they need is a voice and someone to take a chance and believe in them. As for everyone that loves Travis, we believe in him & this isnt the end.

Madison McLaughlinActress, (sorta)supportive / Arrow

Aside from creating what is, I believe, the first truly authentic telling of life with chronic illness through his work on (sorta)supportive, Travis has always been a tireless advocate for Global Genes and The Christina Grimmie Foundation. I initially met Travis through his philanthropic work and I’ve seen him over the years continuing to expand his circle of organizations, families, and patients that he has helped – even when he himself has been in the hospital and going through rejection. Travis having a successful third transplant wouldn’t just mean more life for Travis, it would mean more life for the countless people he helps directly through his activism and advocacy. A longer life for Travis is a better world for all of us.

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this is not an easy post to make. when travis gave me his most recent health update, all I could say was “I don’t like this”. and I still don’t. on top of being in chronic rejection, he is flooded with medical bills and payments for treatment that his insurance does not cover. please donate, watch and share the video (follow my bio link), and join me in praying for him and his family during this ridiculously unfair and difficult time. @travisflores I love you and I am, obviously, pretty tiffed about the cards dealt to you right now. taylor swift and milkshake night soon. right, team?? @mosleyagin @shirastrongin @kentonduty @hunterdoohan @scarletsheppard @fight2breathe we’re rallying around you, bud @travisflores. you’re not going through this alone. everyone, please show travis the good side of the internet and give him some love 💛

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Justin BaldoniDirector/Actor, Five Feet Apart / Jane The Virgin

Travis Flores is one of those rare souls who bleeds authenticity and who’s larger than life spirit can’t be contained by his cystic fibrosis torn body. He loves passionately, and within five minutes of meeting him, it’s crystal clear that this man is on a mission to leave this world better than he found it. I can’t imagine the pain and hardship both physically and emotionally he has had to endure, and to know that even in the face of death he is fighting for others is not just inspiring but profound. I pray that a hospital takes the chance and allows Travis to have another shot at life. If he is willing to endure the pain that a 3rd transplant will bring and all that comes with it, I hope he will be considered because there isn’t a doubt in my mind that his work here far from complete.

Tania Llavaneras – Media Relations, OneLegacy / DonateLife

Travis Flores is an amazing and extremely talented writer,  producer and social media influencer. He produced two PSA’s in 2017 and 2018 for OneLegacy/Donate Life and both videos broke records in the amount of people who were moved by the power of his stories. We hope that he finds his forever lungs very soon.

Steven Sprung – Film & TV Editor, Star Trek Beyond / Splitting Up Together

Travis is a remarkable human being. In the time that I’ve known him, I have been humbled by the grace and strength with which he has faced his challenges. He has inspired me by his gratitude and generosity. Travis is a living example that no matter how bad our problems appear, our most important task is to ask ourselves how we can best contribute to the well-being of others. Last week, in the midst of his current dire health crisis, and despite the fact that he desperately needs money for his own healthcare, he placed the needs of others ahead of his own by embarking on a ten day road trip to raise half a million dollars for Make a Wish. Travis’ impact on the world has been immeasurable and we need him around for as long as possible. We must do everything we can to save his life by making a third lung transplant a reality. Like the title character of his book, Travis has promised he will never give up. Let’s support him with the same promise.

Suzanne Sutter – Former National Board Chair, Make-A-Wish / Former President, Things Remembered

Over the past 15 years, Travis’s fundraising had inspired hundreds of donors to give to Make-A-Wish and to other causes. Beginning as a motivating 11-year-old, his story of strength and hope in the face of dealing with a life-threatening illness was instrumental in inspiring Things Remembered associates to exceed their cause fundraising goals.  His passion for humanity and desire to make a difference in the world touches the hearts of so many.  I am hopeful he will receive a third lung transplant and continue his life work of inspiring donors and supporting others facing critical illnesses.

Doug Kelly – President & CEO Make-A-Wish Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky

Travis personifies the lasting and life-changing impact a wish can have. Over the past 15 years, through his book, his speaking, and his life, Travis has inspired tens of thousands of people with his dual message of hope and never-give-up. It is my hope that Travis receives a third lung transplant because his work in transforming the lives of others is far from finished and is more needed today than ever.

Maurice LaMarche – Voiceover Actor, Animaniacs / Zootopia

My young friend, Travis Flores, is right now pleading with transplant centers to save his life. He has been an incredibly inspirational influence on our family, and a symbol of strength, hope, and perseverance to any and all facing illness and adversity, His kindness and selflessness are an example to us all. We LOVE him!

Kenton  Duty – Actor, (sorta)supportive / Lost

I love Travis. He’s a close friend and incredible creative talent, who is so generous with himself and his gifts. He needs a third transplant. And we need him to continue making positive changes in the industry and bringing stories that matter to life. I’m calling out to everyone who reads these words to help.

Luke Fontana – Photographer

Travis came to me after his first transplant, he was tired of hiding his chest scar and wanted to show that he was proud of it in a photograph. He owned that moment so bravely and I’ll never forget it. We held each other and cried afterward. Travis deals with more pain and inconvenience in a day than most people do in a year, but he has never stopped fighting for others in similar situations. A third transplant for Travis would mean a chance to continue being a voice for his community and to keep on sharing his story. There’s still so much to say.

Shira Strongin – Founder, theSickChicks.com

Travis takes his challenges and always finds ways to utilize them to give back to his community. this latest obstacle is no different and I sincerely hope for the best outcome possible with his third double lung transplant so he can continue giving back.

Marcus GrimmieExecutive Director, Christina Grimmie Foundation

I’m so grateful and humbled to know Travis. This dude has been there for me throughout the worst 2 years of my life from the murder of my sister and the death of my mom. Not only has he been an emotional rock for me but he was so close to them, i know he truly felt the loss with me. He has had such an impact and an influence on me personally, with his gracious and giving heart; to watch someone go through so much physically and not only do, but WANT to do everything he can for others suffering both with terminal illness and emotional distress is just extremely compelling. I will fight tooth and nail and do everything I can to make sure he gets a 3rd transplant, because not only does he deserve it for himself, but the next soul he helps is also impacted.

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Jonathan Lipnicki – Actor, Stuart Little / Jerry Maguire

Travis is a beautiful person, who has taught me about true strength and resilience. It breaks my heart that my friend continues to fight for his life, and if anyone deserves another chance at a healthy life, it is him. He has touched so many lives and continues to make a huge impact in the lives of countless individuals through his selflessness.

Dr. Andrew NeighborsOptometrist / Influencer

I was hospitalized for several months as a teenager for lung issues, and the pain of that time have stuck with me forever. I can’t imagine what Travis is going through and it makes the work he’s doing so much more impressive. It’s so encouraging to see someone remaining so strong while going through so much.

Dominique Viel – Founder, InvisiYouth

When you get the privilege to work with someone as passionate as Travis Flores, it impacts you in a way that not only excels your professional ambitions but also your inner wellbeing. I’ve been so fortunate to not only work with Travis as a fellow philanthropist but also as a friend. His dedication to those he loves is equal in strength to his wholehearted passion to help others living with chronic illnesses and disabilities. With my nonprofit, it’s important to work with those who want to pay it forward, those who know that people can thrive in life with any health struggles. And Travis is exactly that kind of person. The world needs people as loving and strong as Travis, and having this third transplant would give Travis time to continue leaving that positive mark on others. I’m a better person for knowing Travis, and I can say with complete confidence that there are still thousands and thousands of people that could gain this improvement for their lives with Travis in their futures.

Michelle Ciappa – Illustrator, the Spider Who Never Gave Up!

I first met Travis fifteen years ago. Immediately, it became important for me to help him achieve his dream of getting a children’s book published. But we’ve become close friends since then, and it’s now obvious that Travis has given me far more than I ever could’ve given him. Travis projects hope, a hope that makes one realize that anything is possible. Throughout his life, Travis has been a positive influence on many people’s lives, particularly on the lives of children, but he has so much more to give. His work here is not done, and granting him a third transplant will allow him to continue to be an inspiration to children all over the world. And even to some adults, like me.

Farhoud Meybodi – Director, My Last Days

Travis Flores is a force of nature. Author, speaker, actor…effervescent human being. His life journey exemplifies the boundless magnitude of the human spirit. Light and shadow. Joy and pain. As a director who’s had the privilege of working with over twenty courageous humans navigating life with terminal illness, and lost many in the process, I don’t want to live in a world without Travis. Please, please, please grant him another chance at life. During these dark and turbulent times in our country, we need more bright, shining lights like Travis Flores. They help remind us why we’re here.

Hayley Delaine – Co-owner of Trending All Day

Travis is one of a kind! I’m not sure I’ve ever met someone with the strength and courage that Travis exudes every single day. To watch someone overcome so much and still to his core cares most about helping others is truly admirable. Even though Cystic Fibrosis has tried to slow Travis down he refuses at every single turn. I haven’t known Travis for long but I can tell you in a short time I’ve had the pleasure of knowing him there is no questions that he deserves the chance to live. We can’t beg you enough, please grant Travis the chance to live, the world will no question be a better place.

Don’t hesitate to share this story with anyone and everyone you know! Travis, from the Trending All Day Family to yours the fight is not over. You can beat this! 



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