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Trevor Moran Posts Emotional Video About His Gender Identity

Trevor Moran has come forward to talk about his experience with figuring out whether or not he is transgender in an emotional new video uploaded to his channel.

The Instagram star and YouTuber talked in depth about his personal struggle this year when it came to his identity, as well as how he almost began to transition into a woman.

“I was very confused, so I continued to grow my hair, I got wigs, I changed my whole wardrobe to all women’s clothes because I was about to transition into a woman. But that was just not the case.”

Damn, we can’t imagine how scary it must have been for Trevor to be so unsure of what he felt. Thankfully, he realized that he did not identify as transgender before he began any hormone treatment or transitional surgery.

Truthfully, listening to Trevor talk about his experience brought up something that we think more people should think about– As much as we are ALL for everyone being themselves and transitioning if they feel like it’s the right call for them– it is a big decision.

It’s ok to be confused, and sometimes it’s best to sit with that confusion for a little while and figure yourself out instead of jumping into a decision just for the sake of making one. That way when you do actually decide upon something like transitioning, you’re sure that you want to do it.

Since releasing his video, Trevor has received an outpouring of support from the YouTube community, with many saying that they’re proud of him for speaking up about his experience.

We hope that Trevor’s video helped someone feel less alone, and we’re glad that he feels less lost and confused!

Make sure to check out the full video below where Trevor talks in further detail about his experience.


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