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Trey Smith Hosts Influencer Basketball Game w/ Jacob Sartorius, Wuz Good, Faze Clan & More!

Trey Smith hosts backyard basketball game with some of your favorite influencers! 

Trending All Day got the exclusive behind the scenes look at The Ace Nation vs Faze Clan Basketball game. For those who don’t know Ace Nation is Trey’s company, where they focus on making a positive impact on others and helping to guide people to their true self.

Per usual Trey gave us some gold by saying – “It’s gonna be really hard for you to help people get air if you don’t have your oxygen mask on.”  We couldn’t agree more!

(Hayley Delaine, Jacob Sartorius, Trey Smith)

Our girl Hayley Delaine chatted with Jacob and Trey before the game started and asked what we could expect from the game and Jacob immediately said he believes his AAU experience will come in handy and for us to expect a lot of 3s. Haha, Hayley also spoke with the Faze Clan prior to the game and asked them what their favorite Fortnite Dance was, after a little bit of coaxing she was able to get them to show us some moves. (You’ll have to watch the video to find out what move was their fav.)

On team Faze Clan we had – Blaze, Nikan, Tut Weezy, Kennedy Moore, Nelson Chan and more!

On team Ace Nation we had – Trey Smith, Jacob Sartorius, Adam W, King Vader, Wuz Good, JD Witherspoon, Irving Comedy and more! No big deal or anything but we have to say our very own Kevin Writer coached the winning team to victory! 😉

Brandi Marie King caught up with the winning team after the game to find out just how they were able to take the dub and let’s just say, we think they might have gotten lucky on this one. haha

(Trey Smith, Wuz Good, King Vader, Irving Comedy, Brandi Marie King, Adam W, JD Witherspoon)

Shout out to Trey and the whole Ace Nation / Overbrook crew for having us out for an awesome day of basketball, we can’t wait for the next one.

And in the words of Trey Smith, remember to spread love and light! Be sure to check out our exclusive coverage above! 


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