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Who Tried To Fight Karen Sarahi Gonzalez In Vegas?

What happens in Vegas never really stays in Vegas, especially if it’s an attempted fight between Fit Tea and beauty Influencer, @iluvsarahii.

The term ‘fight’ can be used to represent many different forms of confrontation, and there is a pretty big part of us that imagines this was just a drunken shade sesh verses an actual fist fight, but who are we to assume? Maybe Fit Tea thought it was time to throw down, after all, their tea is supposed to magically make you in shape.

Still, nothing about this interaction surprises us. Fit Tea is one of the most notoriously disliked sponsorship ads to clog up Instagram feeds, and more often than not, fans are actually disappointed when they see Influencers they like working with them, instead of the opposite.

Karen Sarahi Gonzalez, aka @iluvsarahii, had plenty of support from her followers in her decision to say no to the company, as well as people seemingly ready to have her back in a fight.

It looks like Fit Tea isn’t winning any popularity contests these days either. Maybe they should start rethinking their PR approach.