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Trippie Redd Taunts Youtuber Solluminati With Picture Of His Girlfriend

Trippie Redd Taunts Youtuber Solluminati With Picture Of His Girlfriend.

YouTuber Solluminati picked the wrong one when he went at megastar rapper Trippie Redd.  Apparently, the rapper couldn’t help himself from tapping that like button when he stumbled upon the YouTuber’s girlfriends page.  This prompted Solluminati to let the rapper know that his actions will not be tolerated.

“Trippie Redd, I don’t f*ck with your music cause you cry in every song.  Stop liking my bitch pics before I drop a diss track and a video on you.  Find Ayleks. She out here being a thot thot somewhere. 6ix9ine is locked up, my n*gga.” 

Of course, Trippie did not take those words kindly.  He posted a picture of the YouTuber’s girlfriend again on his IG story.  But this time he edited the image by replacing the girl’s crotch with an image of his face open-mouthed.

Solluminati has yet to respond but you know TAD will keep our eyes and ears open so we can post the latest update ASAP!

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