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Trisha Paytas Calls Out David Dobrik And The Vlog Squad

Trisha Paytas shares that David Dobik’s daily vlogs was the reason for her most recent breakup with Jason Nash and airs out The Vlog Squad’s dirty laundry in a shocking vlog.

Trisha Paytas is spilling the beans on her ex-boyfriend Jason Nash and the entire vlog squad.  Although the couple is famous for their breakups, this time it seems final.  Trisha recorded a video where she revealed that David Dobrik is “on a whole other level of being an actual, horrible person” despite the lovable nice guy persona he shows off on YouTube.

The hate for her ex-besties all started when David posted one of his daily vlogs which show Jason joking about a threesome with Tana Mongeau.

“If you can get Tana Mongeau to have a threeway with me and Trisha, I’ll buy you a Ferrari,” Jason tells David.

In the same vlog, David is shown asking Tana if she would have a threesome with Trisha and Jason.  In a separate video, the trio meets up to hang out and Tana asks Jason why does he want to sleep with her.  David replies for Jason saying that “he likes broken girls.”  After seeing the vlogs, Tana and Jason split up and her ex accused her of trying to manipulate him by making a big deal out of the threesome request he proposed to Tana.

In her video, according to Newsweek, she claims that David encouraged Jason’s behavior because he thought it would get a rise out of Trisha who is known for being dramatic.  She shared that she was really “hurt” and “disgusted” that David would use her pain as content for his vlog.  She also revealed that Jason tried to kiss Tana but she pulled away.

The biggest bomb she dropped is that David is allegedly protecting a possible pedo Vlog Squad member.  According to Tana, 24-year-old Brandon Calvillo is dating a 17-year-old girl and whenever someone leaves a comment under David’s video about the controversial relationship, he deletes it.

Trisha has deleted the video and David, Jason, and Brandon haven’t spoken on any of her claims but we’re on the edge of our seats waiting to see what happens next.


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