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Trisha Paytas No Longer Hates Life, Now Loves Jesus

We feel like we have whiplash from Trisha Paytas’ music video theme turn around, so we’re dragging you along for the ride with us.

Just over a week ago, Trisha uploaded a music video titled I Hate My Life, which was pretty much exactly what it sounds like.

The wild thing though is that today, she uploaded a brand new video titled I Love You Jesus, so the turn around in her life is really something to marvel at.

Our favorite aspect about this whole thing though is just how self aware Trisha seems to be about the whole thing, after all, just look at these lyrics.

“Remember when I hated my life and I said I didn’t want to die? But I did, now I know the reason why I’m still alive. It’s because of the sky, can you guess it right now? Are you wondering how?”

Yes Trisha, we’re wondering.

“I love you Jesus, I love you Jesus, you give me reason, you give me hope, Jesus never let me go.”

Listen, we’re not about to judge Trisha over whether or not she suddenly found Jesus and now has a reason to live, in fact, if that’s actually the case and she no longer wants to die then that’s wonderful.

However, considering how WILDLY different this all is from her last music video, we’re gonna wait and see if this new found purpose sticks, or if she’s gonna end up talking about something else entirely different next week.

No matter what, we’re now officially invested in her music videos, so hey, we gotta give her a little credit.

Check out Trisha’s brand new style and first ‘Christian pop’ single down below.