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Trisha Paytas’ Pro-Trump Past Comes Back To Haunt Her

An anti-immigration rant from Trisha Paytas has recently been dug up and gone viral, causing controversy for the YouTuber.

The viral clip of Trisha Paytas floating around the internet proves one of these two theories: the YouTuber knows how to do a spot-on impression of right-wing conservative Tomi Lahren or she’s just been outed as a Trump supporter.

“There so so many taking our jobs, not paying taxes, which are two horrible situations in regards to our horrible economy.”  She continued, “So you’re taking our jobs, you’re not paying our taxes, we’re paying for you. The same thing goes with the women who come over to have a baby to get the American benefits.  They come over here pregnant, have a baby, they can stay and now they are reaping the benefits of Americans without actually having to do the duties that we Americans have to do as Americans.”

Yikes, Trisha has since hopped on to YouTube to explain herself and deny that those thoughts are her own.  Yup, clout-chasing Trisha is claiming that the rant does not reflect her actual views on immigration and that it was a desperate attempt to gain followers and views.  In a monetized video titled “I do NOT support Trump” the YouTuber opens up about the old video and her current views on the controversial topics she covered.

“I’m thankful for people that do work hard in this country and however you got into this country – if you were born into it, you worked hard to get in, you were brought into as a baby unknowingly, whatever happened, I’m thankful for them because I have been blessed. I have a pretty easy job now but even before I was a stripper. What was that contributing to society.”

Maybe social media will give her pass or maybe they’ll remember how hard she criticized Laura Lee for her racist tweets and the apology video that followed, and drag her for filth…

Hit us up on social media @trendallday to let us know your thoughts…does Trisha Paytas deserve forgiveness or should she be #cancelled?!


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