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What's Up With Team 10? Did We Just See What We Think We Saw?

Team 10 tried the married couple game and we were pretty excited to see what would ensue between Jerika and Chessa.

Things got a little heated.

Skip to 21:05 to see the result.

Yeah…what just happened?

We’re honestly not sure. All we know is that during a game between Jerika and Chessa, Jake became increasingly upset at how things were going. While at first, this all appeared to look like fun and games (because let’s face it who doesn’t get competitive!) it ultimately led to quite an interesting shove to Tessa.

The exchange of looks, coupled with Jake pulling Erika away from Tessa has us questioning, is there trouble at the Team 10 house?

We’re hoping to get some answers soon as to how that escalated so particularly.

Team Chessa or Team Jerika?