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It’s True, iPhone 7 ate 9

Happy iPhone announcement day everyone! We hope you’re ready to spend all of your money on a product that was just made to be even easier to shatter.

While that actually is true considering the iPhone 8 will now feature glass on the front and back, we are still suckers for any and all new Apple products.

We’re not the only ones confused and yet curiously amped. Influencers ranging from Ethan Dolan to Ricky Dillon have all taken to Twitter to talk about the Apple Event announcements and the mixed feelings that it has left pretty much everyone with.

So you’re telling us there’s an iPhone 8 and an iPhone X? What does that mean?? Is the iPhone 8 already obsolete by default?? What if it doesn’t recognize our faces??

Seems like a wild decision on Apple’s part, but they are low-key running our lives with their products already, so really, who are we to doubt them?