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These Twins Are Paying For School Thanks To Instagram!

These twin sisters are using the social media platform in the best way possible.

20-year-old Baessler twins, Stephanie and Julia, are making money thanks to their stunning Instagram photos. While making money via Instagram or YouTube isn’t news, because let’s face it there is an entire industry created by us millennials doing just that, we have to commend the girls on their reasons for posting these pics.

 Their online popularity might also have something to do with the pictures they share of themselves

Stephanie (brunette) and Julia (blonde) offer health and beauty tips on social media. They both have over 180,000 fans on their individual accounts. The two remember thinking they were too thin for social media fame, but found health and fitness to be their saving grace. Luckily for us, they weren’t intimidated by the harsh reality of the internet.

Okay, so where does the money go?

The twins are law students, who attend the University of Vienna!

While Instagram stars can certainly make an amazing living off of their internet fame, we’re glad to see Stephanie and Julia using their earnings to receive higher education.



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