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Did This Twitch Gamer Get Away With Streaming A UFC PPV?

You can be forgiven for not knowing about Lester_Gaming on Twitch.

Until very recently, he was an unremarkable streamer with a small collection of Call of Duty and Fortnite videos. But recently he decided to try something different.

On Saturday night, he grabbed a controller and started streaming UFC 218. Twitch has strict regulations against live-streaming TV content, as it could bring lawsuits down not only on the individual, but also the platform for enabling the breach. At least for a while, however, Lester was able to keep up the subterfuge– aided in no small part by the open beta of EA’s UFC 3.

Eventually, the scam was uncovered, and the video taken down. However, the viral quality of his audacious stunt has earned him a certain infamy on Twitch. He now stands at a more respectable 5.5k followers, more than doubling his previous count. Now that he’s getting called out by personalities like Keemstar, that might climb even higher.


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