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Twitch Streamer Ninja Lands A Spot In Two Samsung Galaxy Commercials

After being the first gamer to cover ESPN Magazine and snagging a role in two Samsung Galaxy commercials, it seems like 2018 is Ninja’s year.

Twitch Streamer Ninja has been killing it all year and Samsung has taken notice.  The 27-year-old was the first gamer to cover ESPN Magazine for their October Gaming Issue.  Ninja received a multiple page spread highlighting his rise to the top that featured all his accolades.  The cover will definitely catch the eyes of major brands who have turned to influencers for their marketing needs in the last few years.

Tech companies like Samsung see how valuable a feature from Ninja is.  His large following will tune in to watch his every move and they’ve already blown up the comment section of the YouTube video for the commercials.

The commercials aim to promote the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note9 and its impressive battery life.  Ninja asks the female gamer that stands beside him ‘How’s your battery life?’ to which she replies ‘good.’  The exchange left fans in the comments wondering if Ninja had lifted his ban on streaming with girls.  Ninja reportedly said he wouldn’t stream with female Twitch gamers out of respect for his wife but maybe the Samsung money was just too good to pass up!

Check out the alternate commercial featuring Ninja and Travis Scott below!

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