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Twitter Is Invested AF In a Guy Who Is Being Haunted In NYC

The most terrifying ghost story is currently being told in real time on Twitter, and everyone is waiting on pins and needles to see if the guy being haunted actually ends up dead.

Ready to settle in for a spooky story? We hope so cause if not, we suggest fleeing now.

To make a very long Twitter thread short, Adam Ellis (moby_dickhead), is currently being haunted by the ghost of a dead child who is creepily donned as ‘Dear David’ and also casually trying to kill him.

The complete Dear David thread is actually quite long, so we suggest just going to Ellis’ account and reading it in order on there. Basically the poor guy accidentally asked this ghost a question when he wasn’t supposed to, and now he’s haunting him.

The story goes on to explain that Ellis even moved into a new apartment upstairs in the same building he was living in when the whole thing started, and that’s when it got even creepier.

Hard to believe that this story can get creepier than dreaming about a dead boy who wants to kill you, but turns out it can.

That’s right, Ellis is now being haunted in his NEW place by Dear David, and his cats are vigilantly standing guard at his front door in an attempt to keep the kid out.

Honestly, this is the scariest part for us because it feels like solid evidence in proving that there is something strange going on outside his front door.

Twitter is making it their job to keep updated with any and all Dear David activity. There are plenty of jokes taking place about checking in to make sure Adam has survived another night, but there’s also a large amount of people who are legitimately finding the story scary enough that they themselves are having trouble sleeping.

There’s also a slew of people suggesting a more logical explanation for Ellis’ situation, which is that the carbon monoxide levels in his apartment are too high and are causing him to have hallucinations.

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see how the story unfolds. Check back for more updates on Adam Ellis and whether or not he survives this haunting.