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This Twitter Thread About Jake And Alissa Is Blowing Up!

If you didn’t know, once upon a time, a couple existed: Jake Paul and Alissa Violet. They kinda ruled YouTube, until they didn’t. Depending on who you ask, their relationship status is one up for hot debate, and we just came across a Twitter thread that shows this break-up isn’t quite done yet.

Basically, Jake and Alissa (known as JALISSA) were sort of an item, although they never fully confirmed it. The story goes that Jake Paul essentially played mind games with the 20-year-old by making her think they were somewhat serious, all the while he would bring other girls to the Team 10 house. Alissa, under contract, felt she was forced to hold her tongue and simply put on a brave face. When Alissa learned from Jake’s savage ways and decided to give him a taste of his own medicine, she was kicked out of the Team 10 house. But we may have discovered the girl who helped Alissa open her eyes to the life she was living.

A Twitter thread started by user @gustavonever reveals that a woman named Kayla reached out to him and shared her story. Make sure your tea is ready.

Skip to 8 minutes in to hear the story of the girl from Ohio.

Subsequently, tweets defending either Alissa or Jake ran the whole Twitter thread. It’s just a bit more tea to sip on that begs to ask the question, just how savage can Jake Paul really be?