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They Just Unfollowed Each Other On Twitter…So There’s That.

Ever been unfollowed on Twitter? Yeah…not fun.

Twitter can be a particularly unwelcoming space if you find yourself on that side of the pillow. Twitter users are unrelenting in their quest to find truth, comedy, and ultimately savage-ness. If you’re a bystander, Twitter can be fun, but if you’re someone with a much more familiar face, you’ll probably wanna be cautious of what you tweet, retweet, or meme.

Don’t try this at home…or online.

Let’s take the wonderful example that has become Jake Paul. Literally everything he does is placed under a microscope. While his beginnings in social media were generally welcomed, the younger Paul brother has seemingly fallen from grace, in what has now become a trending hashtag: #jakepaulisoverparty. What brought this on?

It was probably the mass realization of fans and online users that Jake wasn’t that great a guy, or role model for that matter.

But Jake isn’t the only “victim” of relentless Twitter usage. Even if your beef doesn’t start on Twitter, odds are it will end there. Emma Blackery, Jack Jones, FaZe Banks, have all found themselves on Twitter in drama. Now, we’ve also got an unfortunate mutual unfollowing to cover.

Logan Paul and Chloe Bennet have unfollowed one another on Twitter.

Remember when we were hoping Chlogan would happen? Well we just got the door slammed in our faces, and rather harshly. While they aren’t Twitter ranting like a certain other public breakup we remember, this would-be couple never was, and the Twitter unfollow just cemented that for us. And while we’re unsure as to what happened, what we do know is heartbreaking enough.

The online world is a harsh one kids.