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10 Reasons to Rock An Ugly Sweater for National Ugly Sweater Day

There’s a day for everything. Today is no exception! It’s National Ugly Sweater Day! Get your ugly sweater on, and let it be as ugly as you want it to be and you shall be honored, revered, and celebrated!

Here’s a look at some of the greatest ugly sweater GIF around to give you ten reasons to don your #uglysweater. There’s still plenty of time to don your ugly for your night out, so jump on the ugly band wagon to help spread some fun and cheer.

  1. Ugly Sweaters Make Great Gifts! 

Okay, even if Terrence Howard never wears this ugly sweater, Taraji P. Henson’s reaction to him receiving it is priceless. Give the gift of ugly, ya’ll.

2. Be The Life of the Party Instantly!

A classic ugly sweater is a great conversation starter at a party!

3. Ugly Sweaters Are Easy Outfits

Screw the party dress, ugly sweaters are comfy and classic! Spanx and tights can shove it. Just put on that comfy sweater, yo!

4. Ugly Sweaters Make People Smile

The main rule of ugly sweater is, the more ridiculous the bigger people’s smiles.

5. A Good Ugly Sweater Distracts From Bad Dance Moves 

If your sweater is more ridiculous than your dance moves, it’s a win-win for all!

6. An Ugly Sweater Can Make You Feel Like Yourself

When you aren’t overly concerned with how you look, you get to more deeply embrace your inner freak.

7. You Might Find Love

Okay, no promises here, but if that dang ugly sweater makes you feel good, your pick-up powers could incrementally increase.

8. The Joy Will Touch You

2016 has undoubtedly been a strange and rough year for many, but sometimes to really get in the seasonal mood all you need is to don that dang sweater.

9. The Possibilities Are Endless

Noting limits the idea and power of your sweater except for your own imagination which is, duh, limitless.

10. Put More Jingle in Your Jangle

Look, we only officially get this day once a year. Don’t mess it up. Put more jingle in your jangle and get your sweater on!


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