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The Top 10 Most Magical Unicorn Themed Instagrams

Let’s take a trip down Unicorn lane! The Unicorn trend is one that continues to dominate our Instagram feeds. The requirements for something to be considered “Unicorn” are simple: it must have some variation of blue, purple, and pink, it should have some sparkle, and it has to be pretty!

We’ve rounded up the most magical Unicorn-themed posts from Instagram:

1. Fluff It Marshmallow:

2. Unicorn Hair:

3. Unicorn cake:

So many beautiful Unicorn parties 🦄✨✨✨I love them all

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4. Unicorn Body glitter:

5. Unicorn smoothie bowl:

6. Unicorn eye make-up:

7. Unicorn toast:

8. Unicorn nails:

9. Unicorn shake:

10. Unicorn-worthy smoothie: