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Vale Genta Helps Us Count Down The Top Politically Active Influencers!

It’s important to stay woke nowadays.

It’s one thing to live life in the social media world and let us into your world. While we totally appreciate that, there’s always a time and a place for the very serious world around us filled with issues, policies, and debates. It’s nice to know there are influencers out in our world speaking up about issues that matter and issues that we as a generation need to be well-informed on.

Vale Genta helped us count down the wokest of woke.

These influencers are all about spreading information and education to those who seek it and we’re all for it!

If you weren’t following these accounts before, get ready to hit the follow and subscribe button. It only takes one video to show there’s a lot more than just daily vlogging (no offense).

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