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We Asked The Vegetarian Baker All The Questions In This Exclusive!

Jac St. John who is known on YouTube as the Vegetarian Baker cooks up some serious goodies with vegan/vegetarian ingredients! Remember the vegan donut? It’s no wonder this YouTuber is racking up YouTube views & subscriptions!

We caught up with his busy schedule and asked him the important stuff! Check it out.

1. How did your world on YouTube start?

– I’ve been on YouTube for a decade now, but I don’t really consider taking it seriously until a little over 5 years ago when I started my cooking channel. I was in college and needed to expand my resume. I wanted to combine my love for cooking and love for video creation. One year in, I was signed to Tastemade, and that’s where everything started to take off.

2. Have you always enjoyed cooking/baking in general?

– I didn’t start loving how food was prepared until I was 10. Food was just food before that, but it became an obsession when I discovered the Food Network. From that point on, I knew that I wanted to make passion for food a career path. I went to college to become a Pastry Chef and got my bachelors in Food Service Management/Hospitality.

3. Tell us about your transition into the vegetarian life.

– I was born and raised in the South, USA. During the mid 2000’s when I went vegetarian, I was the only vegetarian I knew. It wasn’t a hard transition because my parents were supportive and thought it was just a phase. 10 years later, I’ve been vegan for 2 years now and make 95% of my own food. The only issues I have now is eating out with friends, sometimes I just have to be very picky when I order!

4. Is your audience entirely vegetarian or do you feel meat eaters can also learn from your cooking?

– My channel has never been just for people who were vegetarian, vegan or interested in plant-based lifestyle. I am not here to push some sort of agenda on someone. Food is food and can be enjoyed by all. If you eat meat, of course you can find joy in all of my recipes. I do focus more towards the desserts and baked goods. If my dad likes it, anyone can like it!

5. What’s the most difficult item you’ve turned vegan?

– Vegan butter was a tough cookie to crack and took me many tries over years to perfect it enough for me to post it. Also vegan marshmallows were a bit difficult and I’m still not happy with my recipe even though it’s my #1 recipe on YouTube. I will be doing a “take 2″once I can toast them.

6. Has there been anything that just didn’t work out? 

– Cooking is all about trial and error. I get so many ideas to try out that just don’t work out. I used to do a live streaming series about trying new recipes for the first time; it was a nightmare sometimes. However, the fans loved it. It seemed to be a way to show that kitchens are like a chemistry lab. You put all the things in a bowl and you can get an explosion or the cure.

7. What’s the #1 protein you think is the hardest for meat eaters to give up?

– I think meat itself is the hardest. I was able to give it up very easily because my body started to reject it in my teens and I was hospitalized over 10 times because of it. However, protein in a vegan diet is very easy to get: green vegetables, legumes, nuts, tofu, etc.

8. If you could collab with any celebrity/online food channel who would it be and why?

– That’s a great question. I’ve worked with some amazing online food channels in the past from Elise at MyCupcakeAddiction to Lauren Toyota and John Diemer at HotForFood. There’s so many people I’d love to work with: Laura Miller, Chloe Coscarelli, Ellen Fisher, and Edgy Veg to name a few.

9. Any upcoming projects you can fill us in on?

– My first cookbook is ongoing. Just looking or ways to publish it and finalize on the concept. I am bringing back two series to y channel. October is National Cookie Month, so I”ll be doing 4-5 vegan cookie recipes throughout the month. November is where I’ll do a 3-4 recipe series on a vegan Thanksgiving.

10. You’re also a crossfitter! How does that fitness training change as a vegan/vegetarian?

– I didn’t change it at all. You can still make muscle gains and have the strength you want eating a plant based diet. Of course, you need to watch what you eat, but you have to do that anyway. I also intermittent fasting where I fast 16 hours a day.