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Vero Emerging Artist Taylor Hill Drops New Single ‘I Want You To Know’

Singer-songwriter-producer Taylor Hill has dropped his highly anticipated single ‘I Want You To Know’ exclusively on Vero.

26-year-old musician Taylor Hill took enough time off from blessing top artists with his lyrical talent to pen a heartfelt song that emphasizes the importance of not taking things for granted.  The song was officially released today exclusively on Vero but Taylor stopped by the Trending All Day set a few days ahead of its release to share what inspired the track.

“Don’t take people for granted.  Really cherish the time that you have on this earth as well because literally, anything could happen at any moment.”

It’s evident that Taylor takes his own advice as he lists his management team, girlfriend and family as the reason for his success.  Upon being asked how he handles his hectic schedule he drops the names of all those in his life who help make it possible.

“I feel like it’s just the support team, Nick Cooper and George Hughes.  My girlfriend Mariah.  We pull from each other’s strengths.”  

Check out Taylor Hill’s ‘I Want You To Know’ exclusively on Vero!


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