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The Vibes With Jace Norman!

Welcome back to a brand new episode of The Vibes, which we haven’t had in a hot second now, so get excited!

This week, we’re talking all things Henry Danger with the man himself, Jace Norman. As far as big breaks go, it’s always especially nice when the first one you get actually manages to be successful, and that’s exactly what happened for Jace!

He’s not just killing it on TV either, he also recently had a chance to act in the new movie, Blurt, which we then talked with him about the differences there are between shooting a television series versus a film.

“It’s way different because we shoot multi-cam on a stage and then we got to film in Vancouver.”

Don’t forget to check out the Kid’s Choice Awards this year too, because Jace is nominated! Do we think we can get a win two years in a row? We’re thinking yes.

Check out our full episode of The Vibes with Jace Norman right now to not miss out on anything he had to say!


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